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The Coastal Resolution Project

Fighting for ALL coastal ecosystems in the state of Washington

Welcome to the Coastal Resolution Project

Do you want to help save the Southern Resident Orcas? What about the marine birds? Or the Chinook salmon? All species are connected, and if we don’t take action now, there is going to be an acceleration of ecosystem suffering. There will be winners and losers, the reason we are here though, is to make sure there are no losers. The Coastal Resolution Project is the voice for the the voiceless, we are here to protect and defend ALL coastal ecosystems. We will not give up the hope of saving one of Earths most amazing and diverse regions! Join the fight! Join the cause! HELP SAVE WASHINGTON COASTAL ECOSYSTEMS!

Important Quotes

“The most common delivery pathway toxic chemicals take to reach Puget Sound is through polluted surface runoff — also known as storm water. Rain hits roofs, roads, developed areas, and other hard surfaces and runs into storm drains. It then goes mostly untreated into lakes, streams, and rivers that drain to Puget Sound.”

– Department of Ecology

“The everyday activities of individual citizens are now the leading source of toxic chemicals flowing into Puget Sound…..Because much of Salish Sea’s chemical contaminants stem from human activities, scientists feel strongly that by making more informed choices people can curb the problem.”

– Encyclopedia of Puget Sound (2014)

“As the salmon disappear, so do our tribal cultures and treaty rights. We are at a crossroads, and we are running out of time.”

– Billy Frank Jr. 


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